Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Land Where?

The Airflight crew landed out here in the middle of the desert and away from where I was last Thursday.  Since I was strapped to one of those hard medical boards and had a neck brace on, I couldn’t see ^@#*.  I only saw the roof of this flying device all the way to Phoenix.  It had a big crack in the ceiling and I did think it it could get worse when I saw that.  The ride in this small chopper was rough but thankful.  There were four of us in there.  They asked how much I weighed before take off and I increased it by 10 pounds so there wouldn’t be any miss judgment if this thing could stay airlifted.  Dennis Hill 047

That first night in the hospital after the accident about 11 PM my blood pressure was 197.  They brought it down to the 140-150 range and were happy.  My blood pressure this morning was about 125 which is real good.  Afternoon it was back into the 150s.  I still haven’t taken any pain pills but I got some real good ones if needed.

I will have more than my usual miss spellings due to no glasses.  Let me summarize for you.  Can’t see real good, can’t hear real good and got to eat soft food.  Oh no, old age is here all ready.  This must be how Walt Gunn feels.  Just kidding Walt – kinda. During surgery the doc’s/nurses couldn’t believe I was 64 years old.  I  thought that was because I was so young looking.  Now I rethink that and they must have thought I was too old to be hot dogging on a fast ATV Razor and not young looking.  Definitely young in mind some where near childhood/juvenile/teen ager like most men.

Nick names so far have been;  Van Gough (one ear), Ostrich (head in the sand),  Roll Over,  and a few others I don’t remember.

Since it was my right ear…righty tighty has a new meaning.  So does, here’s (ears) to you.  People have asked me if I wanted an “ear” of corn.  Sorry, I can’t eat corn yet, too chewy.

It seems strange even though my hearing is really terrible right now but a few certain noises make me jump out of my seat.  Not ATVs.  They make me want to get out of my seat and look.

I’ve been asked if I saw any bright lights.  Nope, just little flashlights shinning in my eyes.  Here’s something, no ear pain unless you whack it.  Don’t due that!  I have other aches and pains coming to life that are tiring me out.  Yes, I have a sore jaw and realized I have a couple of loose back teeth.  The better I feel the more complicated it gets.  What's up with that?  Sorta not being sick until you see the doc for an annual check up.

Look.  Our little Green Man has a head wound too.  Carol does a real good bandaging me up.  Seems like she wants to put one over my mouth too.  I wear a hoody when I got outside.DSC_0003

Another day of recovery accomplished….

See ya…..