Saturday, January 12, 2013

19 Degrees & Counting

These RVs aren’t made for these kind of temps and either is my body.  10 degrees makes a big difference in these boxes on wheels.  That’s why they put wheels under them so you can move them. 

Ed Kruty came over this morning in his ATV.  I think he was rubbing it in.  Then he tells me already washed his RV this morning.  There’s another rub.  Then he tells me their leaving tomorrow.  There’s another rub.  Rub a dub dub for sure.  He washed his RV in 30 degree weather.  I’m not sure if I ever done that.  I’ve shined my wheels when it’s been that cold.  As a matter of fact, I’m gonna try and do them tomorrow even though it might not reach 50 degrees.  As long as the sun is out and nurse Crachet isn’t around, I should be able to get a quick cleaning of them.

Nurse Crachet wouldn’t hardly let me out of my chair.  I’m lucky she let’s me go the bathroom.  I think she might have a portable potty in mind though.

It’s one thing to be setting in cold weather but not being able to go outside and then not able to complain about it is really bad.

Oh the weather will change in a few days and we will be gone for more adventures for sure.

Good game and Baltimore, the under dogs, did when.  I’m a Baltimore Colts fan so Baltimore Ravens is still hard to say.

See ya……