Monday, January 14, 2013

Warranty My Butt

I have to pay if the dealer feels that Norcold didn’t pay them enough to do warranty work.  I have to pay for any parts in advance until the warranty work is completed.  That’s bull.

We arrived at Orangewood RV in Surprise, AZ a little early for our scheduled appointment.  They signed us in right away.  Looking good.  then the service writer, Doug, said, we will get to you tomorrow.  It’s friggin 9 AM Monday.  I said a few things and the process was rethought by them.  Yes, they would get to it today.  We loaded up the Jeep with the cat and nurse Crachet.  We went driving around Phoenix.  What excitement on a cold day.  Sarcasm intended.

About 3 PM we get the phone call from the repair shop.  Blah, blah, blah…….We found the problem but couldn’t/didn’t get hold of Norcold warranty department to get authorization.  My first thought was why they didn’t verify that the frig is covered under warranty first before starting ANY work?  A wire in the frig door was shorting out.  Since they FAILED to contact Norcold they don’t know 1st if it is covered under warranty. Two, if it is covered, will Norcold say repair the wiring or replace the door.  If Norcold says replace the door, I have to pay for the door NOW then get my money back after the repair according to the dealer.  BULL! Oh, the door could run $1,000.  How friggin screwed up is that.  AND the dealer said I have to pay retail not their cost!!!!!  The service writer tried to convince me this is the way it is done for warranty work.  I disagreed ALL the way.  It just don’t pass the common sense test that Norcold makes a dealer/customer pay for warranty parts when covered.

On a nice note, they taped the shorted wires so the frig now works.  They also let us hook up to their 50 AMP service just outside their shop.  It’s paved and flat.  We had a toasty night.

Tomorrow I will call Norcold and get the straight scoop.  The repair shop assured me they would call also.   I guess so especially since they didn’t do it when it should have been done.

Well, I just called Norcold (Tuseday 6:30 AM my time).  They were very courteous.  What the dealer is doing is wrong 100% in every respect.  It’s under warranty – period.  No cost to me the customer period.

We will leave the RV hooked up at the repair shop while I go for my 10 o’clock Dr appointment across town.  Carol & I discussed to leave it here or not.   We hope to return  about noon.  This gives the dealer time to call Norcold.  My gut tells me (again) this ain’t gonna be pretty when we return.  Where’s my blood pressure medicine?

Stay tuned.

See ya…..