Wednesday, January 9, 2013

She’s Weakening

Nurse Crachet is really started to show weakness.  It must be my good looks and charm.  She’s starting to let me ride in a car but not drive.  Even the doctor said I could drive if I wasn’t using any pain pills.  Today she let me go into town for the Thursday guys moan & groan breakfast.  I had to go as a passenger with Ron, Ed and Carl.  What did I eat?  Eggs, that’s pretty much it.  I think the place was called Sid’s close to McDonalds on the same side.  It was pretty good.  We all would go back.

Later we went into town to the bank to see if they had any extra money.  They had a little but boy are they tight.  Then we dropped off our little LP tank for filling at the campground.  Then it was over to the Razor ATV to put a cover over it.  I had a stock Polaris cover to go over it.  It fit OK even though it has a different after market HD roll bar on it.

Another exciting day of recovering.  I know what Jack Nickelson felt like when he escaped from the nut house in One Flew Over the Coo Coo’s Nest.

I’m starting to work on nurse Crachet to let me wipe down my wheels Sunday so I can make them shine.

My ear hasn’t fallen off yet.  It has changed colors several times.  Make me think this should happened around Christmas time with all the colors.  I’m starting to get my energy back.  Starting too….

RZR ATV repair update.  I called a Polaris dealer in Prescott Valley and talked to the owner Glenn.  I’ve talked to him last year about getting some help from Polaris about their fuel tank failure.  They had a recall for the same failure but mine wasn’t in the recall.   Now I called for some help due to the failure of the stabilizer part.  He said he could try but doubtful.  Repair for the stabilizer bar is $170 and $680 for thank.  Oh well.  I probably won’t do the tank.  I will probably order the stabilizer for $105 and install it myself.

Frig RV repair update.  The Beast goes to Orangewood RV in Surprise, AZ Monday at 10 AM.  The frig blows a 5 AMP fuse  a lot.  I talked to their service department.  When a repair facility brags about how good they are a lot it gets me on alert real fast.  I feel I’m about to go into the mouth of the lion and get ate.  It’s under a full Norcold warranty.  The shop has already warned me that it MIGHT cost me more even that it has a 100% warranty by Norcold.  I said I wouldn’t authorize anything not covered under warranty.  Their reply was Norcold doesn’t pay them enough so ”Then we won’t work on it unless you agree to pay the difference.”  WOW….the writing is on the wall here!

See ya……………..