Thursday, January 31, 2013

Now What?

Yesterday I forgot to mention that Gary & Mary
“Wilson” are having trouble with their slide out on their Tiffin.  While moving it in there was a snap and it quit.  They also had a problem getting to Quartzsite because of a Tiffin Powerglide chassis/engine problem.  Larry & Marilyn are doing OK with their Tiffin.  They are scheduled for jack repair work next Tuesday in Surprise, AZ where we were yesterday.  I have no comment on Tiffins at this time.

Today was the Men’s Moan & Groan Breakfast in downtown Wickenburg.  I rode there with Ed, Denny & Walt.  It must have been about a dozen or so of us.  Carol went to the Women’s Stitch & Bitch Breakfast at Denny’s Restaurant.  They too had a blast.

When we got back I went and picked up my side by side Razor ATV over at Denny’s.  I brought it back on the trailer to Ed & Sandy’s lot where we are at.  It looks sad.  It needs work and another real good wash.  I went into to town to get the trailer I bought from Lowe’s titled.  Hit a snag but it should be cleared up next week with a little cooperation.

Then it was time to go to Prescott Valley about 50-60 miles away to pick up the main part to repair the Razor.  Denny went with me.  Over the hills and to grandma’s we went.  We saw snow up in them there hills.  We stopped at the Sam’s Club and I got a 20 lb LP tank for $30.  It has a gauge on it and is already purged.  I also got a monstrous portable (?) outdoor fire pit, 66,00 BTU for $99.  I will sell our new little one to Mark for $90.  Did you know that they had a 12 volt AGM battery for $131 with a 3 year FULL replacement guarantee.  That sounds like worth checking into more for those that might be interested. 

Then we continued on to Star Island Motorsports to get the Razor part.  No problem.  Then Denny I told our adventures of how the part broke and I rolled the Razor.  We had fun joking with the staff about our adventure.

Then a quick stop at Walmart to pick up a electrical plug for the Jeep to connect to the trailer.  Seems like mine disappeared or I left it in Livingston and don’t remember.

Back over the hills to North Ranch.  I dropped Denny off at his place and went home.  It was Carol’s birthday and her present was for me to stay out of her hair for the day – success!   We decided to eat out but what.  We couldn’t make HER mind up.  Soooooooooo we went to Safeway at her request and picked up two frozen Red Baron pizzas.  We got back and heated those babies up.

Tomorrow I would like to start on the LP connection inside the rig or at least gather all the parts together and get ready.  Also, reorganize all the stuff I took out of the Razor so it don’t look like Walt’s been here at Ed’s place.  I got a few other things to do also but too boring to write about at this point.

See ya…..