Friday, February 1, 2013

This & That

Today…….I got our Kozy World 10,000 BTU LP heater delivered.DSC_0001


Next was to make sure we had all the parts before the LP frig line is cut.  So me and Ed worked at this getting everything ready.  I was missing a few parts but Ed had extra.  DSC_0002


Next was to put the 66,000 BTU camp fire ring together which was a lot easier than the prep for the LP heater. DSC_0003


Next Ed & I worked on these wheel spacers for the Razor.  They had a lug on each one that needed removal.  We got them out and now I got to go to NAPA and hopefully get replacements.  I want to put the fancy oversize wheels & tires back on the Razor.DSC_0004

Here’s the stuff that came off the Razor to include the cover.  I got to wash that stuff and get it organized.  The cover will go down to the shed on our lot.HDSC_0005

My mother’s phone died.  Now what?  I had a spare basic phone (new) so I figured I would get it activated and mail it to her.  Well, I charged it up and then dialed #611 on it for Verizon.  Less than five minutes later it was activated with her old number.  I never talked to a person.  I can understand the computer better than some of the people that answer the phone.  Now tomorrow we will mail it out.

A heard of us decided to go to Yarnell on the hill to the American Legion for diner.  We saw this frog.  You know it never moves.  It must be one of those petrified things.  Girls, do YOU want to kiss it?  Well, maybe nowadays I guess I should guys too!DSC_0006


Yarnell is on top.DSC_0007


Some how we all fit.  We all had their special of steak and tater for $9.  It was pretty good.  A good time was had by all.DSC_0009

Back at Ed & sandy’s we fired up the camp fire ring and sat out on the porch (wood) until about 8:30 PM.  It was really nice setting out at the fire with no smoke.

Tomorrow…..get the LP heater going which requires some drilling and cutting and all that stuff. hearing is starting to come back.  It’s in and out during the day which is good.  No bandages and the ear looks almost normal.  I’m pretty again!

See ya….