Wednesday, February 13, 2013

King & Queen Of the Hill – Ed & Sandy

It wasn’t too bad this morning.  The temps were in the 40s.  We had a little visitor last night evidently.  Theirs discussion as to wether it was a fox or a raccoon.  He found some crackers in the Razor and helped himself.DSCN1503 DSCN1504

DSCN1502Bob and Molly arrived yesterday with their new broken Razor.  It had stripped two lug studs off one wheel.  We towed to AZ West Motorsports in Lake Havasu with our Jeep because it was the easiest vehicle to tow it.  Their service writer said it would take 3-4 days to get to it.  Bob cried…not really.  After some BS ing they took the Razor right in and finished it up in about one hour.  they replaced the studs and the wheel under warranty.  The shop said all the lug nuts on all the wheels where not tight.  The selling dealer down in Yuma didn’t do their job evidently.  Bottom line we were back at camp by noon. 

We were on the trail by 12:30.  It was Sandy/Ed, Molly/Bob and Carol/I.   The others were out sight seeing.  We were out trail riding for about 3 hours.  This was an outstanding trail.  It was full of up ups and downs with twists at the top of most of them.  We had to be on our toes.  Then we came up on OMG hill.  Bob and I refused to go up it.  Their went Ed and Sandy up it.  They made it and we bowed to them, the King & Queen Of The Hill.  He said he wouldn’t go up it again.  I think their underwear needed changing for sure.  We were out for about 3 hours.  It was pretty dusty.  We were in the front and still got real dusty.  It was worth it.DSCN1506 DSCN1507

A few of us out socializing…..DSCN1505

I was the cook for today.  I was set upDSCN1508

Ed & Sandy’s rigDSCN1509

Bob & Molly’s rig…DSCN1510

More of us out socializing.DSCN1514


Mark playing with fire…DSCN1515


Here’s George and Sandy playing with their phones.DSCN1517

We had a big pot luck dinner and no pictures.  We were to busy eating of course.  We sat out with two fake camp fires that kept us warm at lease those that were out.  We drank, told stories, drank, told more stories, drank and a little drinking.  We’re trying to see if we can drink all of Mark’s beer I think.

We are at 8 rigs now and expect 3 more Thursday.  We are having a blast.

See ya……