Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wow! Another Great Day

The morning started off with me changing the wheel studs.  I’ve never done this before.  It looked like nothing that a 5 lb sledge hammer couldn’t fix.  I did use the big hammer and the old studs did come out.  The new ones went in with ease.  The wheel was the difficult thing.  The wheel lug nut holes was rimmed out a little.  The wheel turned out to be usable when put on with gentile care.  The new lug nuts went out with ever so much care.  Then ALL the wheels were tighten down to 110 lbs of torque.  It was afternoon by now and time to ride again. 

I’m off and running.  Looking better each day…the Razor. Not bad considering this baby was upside down about 4 weeks ago.DSC_0002

The others, Ed, Mark and Walt caught up to me.DSC_0003

We are going riding….DSC_0004

Of course Walt goes down other roads.DSC_0005

We did about an 18 mile ride.  No troubles for anyone.  I checked the lug nuts out there and when we got back I retorgued them again.  All were good and stayed tight.  Mark had fun on the sand with his two wheeler.  He didn’t like the real steep hills so we avoided them as much as possible.  He did go down suicide hill and went weeeeeeeeeeee all the way down.  Fun was had by all.

Then it was time for the fire pit heat off.  We had a small Camp Chef at 60,000 BTU.  The medium size (center) was an Outland at 55,000 BTU and the last and big won was bought at Sam’s Club and was at 58,000 BTU’s.  DSC_0006

Us guys determined that the Outland had  the biggest flame and the little Camp Chef came in a close second.  For a portable unit the Camp Chef won hands down.  The large one bought at Sam’s Club for $99 will be returned.  It just failed in all areas.DSC_0007

We are being invaded…..party time……DSC_0009

ED & Sandy were great hosts for this little sorta unplanned get together.  Nancy & Steve O’Bosky even showed up along with others to include Larry & Marilyn.  Ed & Sandy planned for everyone to eat inside but no one did in this nice weather.DSC_0011 DSC_0012

Then it was night time and a great time was had by all by the fires.  No Pete and Jo, Bob & Molly, Don & Sharon, among others of course!  Se ya all at Lake Havasu ?

Hey guys, here is what you missed.DSC_0017 DSC_0015DSC_0013 

It don’t get too much better than this…..maybe a little tri tip along with Mark’s beer. It was still another great day.

See ya…..