Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another ATV Accident & Chocolate Covered What?

Everybody decided to go to the Black Bear Diner in town for breakfast.

Service was outstanding and we let the girl know both by words and tips.  The food was outstanding also.  I had this little burger with sausage, bacon, cheese, egg on a pretzel type bun.DSCN1524

and others were… DSCN1526

I have no idea what Kellie (left) was doing.DSCN1528 DSCN1527

I could only eat half of mine.DSCN1531 

Then on the way back to camp we got a call from Denny.  They along with Larry/Marilyn and Steve/Lila were arriving at camp.  They got all situated and it was time to go out on the trails.    Here’s Mark with a bad hair day. Those glasses are ????????? from the 1960’s.DSCN1535

Molly is ready for a dust ride or a trip overseas.DSCN1536

the machines are ready.DSCN1537 DSCN1538 DSCN1539  

And their off.  I didn’t go because my ear has been giving me some trouble.   Carol set me up with a Doc appointment for early next week right after leaving here.DSCN1545

Well, while they were out they had another ATV accident.  Mark was going up a double tiered hill and didn’t make it.  During the fall down his head (helmet) hit a rock and a puncture type wound to his hand.  If he wasn’t wearing a helmet he would have had at least received a concussion.  It was voted on by members of the Roll Over Club and Mark was voted in as our newest member.  I stepped aside as the newest member, Mark, has that honor now.  Hopefully this will remain a very low membered club and have no more members.DSCN1551

Here he is showing off his wound and telling the story.DSCN1549

His medicine was rushed to him… store bought beer!DSCN1552

Yes, those fire rings kept us warm for hours.  No smoke or cinders floating around.  DSCN1596

Steve was into the purple chips as his lips and teeth reflect.DSCN1573

It was Mark’s turn to be cook at the pot luck.  He did not loose his cooking ability at all.  He did learn what he is not capable of doing on his motorcycle.DSCN1570

 DSCN1596 DSCN1601   It was Valentine’s Day and these chocolate covered strawberries appeared.  Here we are out in the desert and who would have ever have thought.  Rumor has it that Molly is responsible.  DSCN1580

No trouble for this lovely lady…..DSCN1583 

It was another dog’s day…great!DSCN1594

As Denny rides off into the dust..DSCN1631

The end….DSCN1629


See ya…