Friday, February 8, 2013

Brownie Points Gone Again.

Today was just a piddle day.  Carol & I went to the bank to see if they had any extra money…nope.

Then it was back to the rig.  Carol went line dancing.  I washed the ATV Razor.  It was really dusty from yesterday.  Plus I’m still getting dirt out of it from the roll over.  I put the stock ATV tires in the shed along with a few other things.  We’re getting ready to go to Lake Havasu next Tuesday.  I boxed up all the fire rings.  Two went to Mark and one will go back to Sam’s when we return from Lake Havasu unless they have a Sam’s there.

For the evening meal a bunch of us went up to Yarnell’s American Legion.  They had fish and chicken, taters and cole slaw for $7 bucks.  It was OK, nothing to brag about.  DSCN1429  DSCN1440

We didn’t leave much on the plates…DSCN1441


Oh well, here goes some of my brownie points…what the hell.  I think Susie is going for it…DSCN1431


Here’s Carol.  I’ve lost all my brownie points now.DSCN1442 

It’s 3 AM and we are getting the cold wave in.  It’s 32 degrees out.

Tomorrow Ed & I are going to work on the ATV trailer.  We’re (Ed) going to do some cutting and welding on it so the Razor fits better on it.

See ya….