Thursday, February 21, 2013

Veteran’s Administration & Camera Lens

It was time to go see if the Veteran’s Administration (VA) could help me.  Something ain’t right with my ear and I can’t get to see a Doc under Tricare until March 1st.  I needed someone to check it out now.  The VA clinic was about 45 miles away so Carol & I decided to go for it…what the hell.  I went to the VA back in 1985 when I retired from the Marine after 21 years 16 days but who’s counting.  I was rated by them as 40% service connected disabled back then and that was without a psch evaluation.   Upon arrival at the VA office & within 10 minutes I was with a VA rep updating my information.  Within 5 minutes after that I  was with a nurse checking out my ear.  My home base is considered Houston thus I’m considered a Traveling Veteran.  That means they can see me right now because of the extreme injury.  The nurse looked in my ear and then got a doctor to look at it.  The inner ear canal is infected and swollen.  Not good for sure.  They gave me medication for it.  We also had set up to see an ENT doc for March 1st in Scottsdale, AZ prior to going to the VA.  I felt something wasn’t right and needed to be seen now and it turned out to be true.  No charge for anything at the VA.  The VA people were great, everybody. 

We returned back to North Ranch about noon with full stomachs.  I redid the driveway brick edging that I ran over and missed up the other day.  It was within by pay grade to dig and straighten.  I did the damage so I felt I should fix it of course and did.

The rest of the day I played with my cameras and lenses. Is that a word, lenses?   Here’s Carol Nikon D3000 with a 55-300 MM Nikon lens.

Here it is set at 55 MMDSC_0017

200 MMDSC_0019

and 300 MM.DSC_0020

Here’s my Nikon D90 with a 150-500 MM aftermarket lens.

Here it is set at 150 MM.DSC_0019

and then the 500 MM.DSC_0020

Why does Carol’s camera at 300 MM looks about the same with my camera and the 500 MM lens?  It’s the quality of the lens.  Her lens is a Nikon lens and my big lens was an aftermarket lens called Sigma DG”.  Bottom line……buy a quality lens that is by your manufacture of the camera.  My camera I almost always use a 18-200 MM Nikon lens.  It gives me close group pictures and distance pictures.  The 85-300 MM is not good for close up/group type pictures.   None of these camera/lenses were cheap.

Sandy, Kellie and Ed all came over and visited at the same time.  That was nice.

Call GEICO and get approval for the window chip guy coming out Monday to fix our windshield.  Also, I got to put Mark’s motorcycle in our shed.  Wow, my list is getting short.

Sorry for entering yesterday’s blog a day late.  The date is correct on it.

See ya……