Sunday, February 10, 2013

Getting The Trailer Ready & Oops Again

Carol & I slept in till 8:45 AM.  That’s rare.  We rushed down to the Jack In The Box and had their $2.99 jumbo breakfast along with their 50 cent senior coffee.  Then it was off to Basha’s grocery store.  They had asparagus on sale for 99 cents a pound.  They were out of stock so we got a rain check along with other groceries we didn’t really need besides beer.  Then on to get regular gas in the two 5 gallon cans for the ATV.  Gas was $3.65 a gallon.  then on to CVS to get three drugs.  That turned out to be $45 for three 90 day supply.  We ran out of money so it was time to go back to North Ranch.  Mark came over to give the ATV a once over.  He made several suggestions and Ed & I put him to work immediately on his suggestions.  No problem and a 1/2 hour later WE were all done.  Ed likes the supervisor job.  I continued being the gopher.  Go for this and go for that – gopher.  Everybody departed and I oiled locks and adjusted the ratchets on the trailer for Tuesday's run to Lake Havasu.

I then decided to use some tools.  I needed to screw a handle onto the LP heater and fix the leaky line.  I took the LP line apart and then put back together using LP tape.   I didn’t make it worse and it didn’t leak.  I’m on a role.  Next was the handle on the LP heater.  Well, I nearly screwed my finger off when the drill slipped…oops.  Nice little hole in my finger down to the bone.  I think I need to refill my blood I’m running a little low this month.  Now I know why Ed wouldn’t let me use his tools…liability and my well being. 

I decided to take the rest of the day off.  It got cold as the day went on and in the evening it even rained.

See ya….