Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Which Way Do We Go?

We are going to the Escapade in Gillette, WY this summer.  The question is which route.  We have three routes to choose from.  If fuel continues to rise we will take the middle route of about 5K total miles thru Dec ending back at North Ranch, Congress, AZ.  I think you can click on this map to make it bigger.  Hey this is very high tech stuff moving this map here for me! image If fuel prices level real soon or lowers by May – hah, we will take one of the 5.7K or 5.8K miles extreme northern routes.  image The fuel price difference is about $500 at the current prices.  We are not changing our destination because of fuel prices, we are changing the route.  That’s how we deal with higher fuel prices.  We will make that decision in early May probably.  Until then, our plans will not change for February thru April due to fuel price.  Over the years we have noticed that around Memorial Day the fuel prices we start lowering slowly.

We are in for a cold spell for at least 10 days according to  Highs in the low 50s mostly and lows in the low 30s.  That’s cold for most Rvers such as us.  The Beast and the Jeep need washing too and they will get washed, burrrrrr.

I need to fix Ed & Sandy’s driveway.  Yesterday I came in a little off center and squashed some bricks out of alignment when I ran over them.  I was tuned in watching their deck steps more than the bricks.  I guess I should have let Carol do the backing.

Mark left early this morning (5 AM) to catch a plane.  We put his motorcycle in our shed to keep it out of the elements. He’s due to return on April Fool’s Day and head for the WARE Rally in Lodi, CA.  Check it out.  Right click on WARE and click on “open hyperlink” for details.  The daily schedule should be done any day.

The day disappeared and I didn’t publish this blog until a day later but I dated it correctly.

See ya…….