Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nice Ice Cold Beer Time Outside

Finally we are suppose to be in the 70s daytime and 40’s at night.  Maybe even 80 this Saturday.  this means set out time and drink a nice cold beer.  I’ve noticed something over the many years of RVing.  People with small RV’s set out more often than RVers with big rigs.  Is it because big RVs are more like homes and that is what they do at home – set inside!  We catch ourselves setting inside more than we should.  That reminds me.  I have to put a lounge chair on my list of things to get.  I had one and it broke.  We have found out not to buy the expensive outdoor chairs.  They get beat up pretty quick and last about 2 maybe three years.  After that they get a little questionable.

Today I got the ATV looking all pretty for this Saturday’s park parade.  Hey, that’s what old folks do.  Ride around in their home park in their golf carts and ATVs.  Hey, we are one I’ve been told by the youngins.

After I cleaned the Razor I started to do a little cleaning on the Beast.  First a little area there and a little area there and next thing I knew I had cleaned around the bottom and as far as I could reach up.  I used cheap furniture wax and it looks real good.  I remembered someone told me years ago that is what they used on their RV.  Hopefully I didn't hurt anything.  It’s just wax.  Now the Beast smells like lemon too!  Yes I did the wheels and tires too.

Now I’m behind on doing the blog.  It’s Saturday 5 AM and I don’t remember all what we did Wednesday but I can tell you that we did do something.   I just don’t remember it all.  Maybe it was smelling that lemon for a couple of hours that did it.