Monday, February 4, 2013

Food/2nd Razor Accident

Food for thought that is.  Diesel and gas is cheaper in Anchorage, Alaska than in California.  I don’t think Alaska even has an oil refinery.  Our fuel projected fuel cost for the year just went up $200 because of the recent fuel price increases.  You know what?  If $200 over a year makes me change our plans then we shouldn’t be full timing.  Food prices have gone up but I don’t see people stop eating.  Why?  Because that’s the way it is and deal with it.  Our friends are like us.  Fuel prices aren’t gonna change our way of living life.  It’s really that simple, it really is.  So much for the soap box.

Now what to get into today?  Oh, Blue Beacon called me yesterday.  I sent an email to their headquarters about their poor wash job we have been getting at Blue Beacons.  He assured me that they are very concerned about the streaking that their wash leaves.  They want an opportunity to wash it again.  OK, I can live with that for sure.  I’m to call them when I get close to a Blue Beacon for a free wash.  It just so happens it will be the same one in Phoenix in a couple of weeks probably.

Back to today.  I cleaned the Razor more today especially the radiator.  Then it was time to take it out around the park.  I came back and retighten the wheel lugs like a good boy.  Everything checked out OK.  Now it was time to take it out in the desert.  Oh yea!!!! Walt/Kellie, Darla/Bill & Ed/Sandy along with me & nurse Crachet went for a whoosey ride barely doing 10 MPH.  Nurse Crachet made be bandage my ear so dirt wouldn’t get in it.  About 9 miles out ED & Sandy were hollering at us.  I had a rear wheel that was coming off and we were going up a hill.  Well, since Ed & I had been working on the Razor I left all my tools back at the rig.  Walt & Bill road back to get the necessary tools.  When they got back we winched the Razor to a tree to prevent it from rolling back or moving to much.  Then a lug nut off each of the other 3 wheels was required.  Bill worked them on the wheel studs since he was the youngest besides all the women (brownie points). We just about idled the 1.5 miles back home.  The wheel appears to be torn up pretty good along with the wheel studs.  I called several Polaris dealers for the wheels studs and lug nuts.  Found one open to & 7 PM and they had the parts.  60 miles later we’re at RideNow Powersports in Peoria, AZ.  From there we went over to Larry & Marilyn at Orangewood Repair.  They’re there because they have an 8 AM o’clock appointment the next day.  We arrived just in time for diner.  Larry showed us his boo boo on their Jeep.  He backed into a 1971 VW bus in Quartzsite earlier in the day.  We got backed home about 8:30 PM pretty bushed.  I opened the package from the ATV place and was short one stud…great…. I paid for 5 and only got 4..  Good thing I requested 5 and only needed 4.  Oh well, I will call them tomorrow and see it’s laying on the counter. 

So that’s the number of that for today.