Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nice Quiet Day

Carol & I went to town for breakfast at Jack In The Box.  After that we just drove around town exploring.  We returned to the hill and a few people were up and out.

I took out my air cleaner out of my Razor and it was really dirty.  So dirty that I needed a new one even after blowing it out with an air hose.  So it was back to town to pick up a new filter.  While at the Polaris dealer I also picked up a filter cover.  It’s like a nylon that goes over the filter for more protection.  It’s made by K & N.  So I now have a $25 filter to protect the $35 filter.  Back at camp I installed them with no problem.

By now (2:30 PM) people were planning to go into town to eat then go wait for the fireworks.  Carol wasn’t feeling good and my ear was giving me trouble so we passed.

I cooked some cheap meat on the grill that turned out OK.  I watched NASCAR racing – yea it’s back.  Carol  watched movies on her TV.  It was a very quiet evening.