Sunday, February 24, 2013

Leave When

Not 100% sure when we are leaving North Ranch but it could be as soon as next Sunday/Monday.  If the doc this Friday says he needs to see me again, then of course we will be back to Phoenix but not to North Ranch probably.  It will be kinda easy thru the 4th of April depending on any future appointment dates.  We won’t be returning to North Ranch until about Christmas/New Year’s time frame after working at Amazon in Fernley, NV.  We got some places and rallies we will be going to until the first of May.  Then we will be off to ????? and ending up in Gillette, WY for the Escapees Escapade Rally in mid June or so.  We have volunteered as Assistant Coordinators.  This should prove to be interesting.  Then we will mosey around Rapid city and then head to Fernley, NV ending up there about early October.  These plans are in jello but they are in the frig already hard.

Oppps, got side tracked from today a little bit.  All I have to say is “Let’s go racing”.  It was a so so race.  More of follow the leader type racing.

It was windiest day ever since we have ever been here and it was only in the 50’s.  That stands for cold in my language. DSC_0001

See ya…..