Monday, February 11, 2013

What Can I Get Into Today

I can straighten up my area and I did. Mission accomplished.DSCN1467 DSCN1480

I changed my desktop setting to this.  DSCN1470

I change it out every few months.  This is one of my favorite pictures.  I took it up above Fairbanks in 2011.  Mission accomplished. 

I took the Garmin out of the Jeep and and changed it with the one in the RV.  I now can get directions from the Jeep Garmin to the radio speakers…very loud and clear.  That’s pretty cool since I’m still half deaf.  Mission accomplished.

Then it was off to the Dollar General for ATV snacks via Jack In The Box $2.99 breakfast..  DSCN1471 Out on the ATV trail it’s nice to have some crackers and snack bars.  Cold water is real nice.  Mission accomplished.

Next it was time to grease the ATV Razor so I drove it  down to Denny’s.  Nothing to dangerous.  Just a mechanical grease gun so I had no problem.  Mission accomplished.

Our fluorescent light in the bedroom burnt out several weeks ago.  It must be the ballast.  I had a LED fixture for replacement that Don gave me in Quartzsite.  Again I will have to work with a drill.  I called Denny since he’s a self taught electrical type person which is above my level.  Wiring a LED is different than a fluorescent.  Denny had no problem.  DSCN1472 When I took this picture the flash came on and Denny hit his head on the ceiling I thought.  He thought he crossed some wires.  Mission accomplished.

Next was to put a coat of 303 Aerospace stuff on the ATV Razor to get it all shiny looking.  Mission scrubbed due to poor weather.

Mark had one large LP tank and a fire ring for Lake Havasu but no room since he’s not taking his trailer just his Class C.  Sure I can carry them somewhere in the 43’ Beast.  Mission accomplished.

Next I hooked up the trailer and loaded the Razor. DSCN1478

This little guy jumped right up in the driver’s seat.DSCN1479

About 4 o’clock we got a little weather front.  DSCN1489 DSCN1487

DSCN1490 Then the sun came out but the temps were still in the mid 30s.DSCN1491

We leave this cold tomorrow (Tuesday) for Lake Havasu, AZ.  It will be near 75 degrees by Saturday.

See ya.