Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Yea, Moving Again

I left all hook ups hooked up.  Normally I disconnect everything except electric the day before.  We won’t have any hook ups no sooner than next Tuesday probably.  We want to leave Ed & Sandy’s place prepared.  With this cold weather unhooking is difficult because nothing wants to roll up.

I will be double towing which includes towing the Jeep and the ATV & trailer behind the Jeep.  Guess what?  We’re legal – kinda.  Legal length is 65 feet and we are kinda that.

Here’s what came off our slide out awning. DSCN1494 

We (Mark, Walt/Kellie) arrived at the Steps near Lake Havasu about 1 PM or so.  It was a 135 mile trip.  Here we are at an upper level of the steps.DSCN1496

Here’s are our views looking down.  That’s a severe drop at the bottom of the picture.DSCN1497 DSCN1499


That’s us to the left taken from the upper level.  No RV’s go higher than our level.  It’s a little 4 wheeling for our RVs just to get to our spot.DSCN1498

Walt setting up his stove for dinner.DSCN1495 

Later George and Valerie arrived.  Then Bob & Molly showed up towing their new Razor.  It’s broke.  Two wheel studs broke thus can’t use it.  I wonder if some Tiffin workers are now working for Polaris.  We will take it in town first thing tomorrow to a dealer.

Walt and Kellie prepared Tri Tip for all of us for dinner.  It was good.  Thanks guys…

Here’s a good picture of Kellie, rare….DSCN1501

Tomorrow Don & Sharon should arrive and maybe Ed & Sandy.  Then Thursday we should have Denny/Susie, Larry/Marilyn, Steve/Lila & oops I forgot someone I think.  Was it you?  Come on out.

See ya…