Tuesday, February 19, 2013

RV Day Anyhow….

Our appointment was at 8:30 AM.  I think this warranty repair will take only 15 minutes.  You know some RV repair shops take your RV out of sight and then it sets.  Three to five hours later they tell you that they have to order the part.  We’re past that stage.  They did that the first time here and then the wrong part came in.  The shop blames the manufacture for sending the wrong part.  I say, Hey look at the friggin part when it comes in and let the customer know then it’s the wrong part.  Wow, what a novel idea.  Their lack of attention cost me $80 bucks in fuel.  Anyhow……

We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast which is Carol’s favorite.  It was good as normal.  Not only is gas going up in price so is coffee at $2.29 a cup.  Nothing can be done by us for either.  We still walked out with a bill under $12 with full stomachs and two coffees to go.  Anyhow….

I wanted to go to Harbor Freight which is 15 miles away to pick up a jack for the trailer.  Carol & I can not lift the trailer off the hitch ball on the Jeep because it’s that heavy.  The trailer jack should resolve that issue.  We were gonna leave the Razor on the trailer and leave it all at Ed & Sandy’s but we could not lift the trailer off the Jeep.  So we went down to our lot where we have a lot of room and did the off loading of the Razor there.  Anyhow…….

Dr’s appointment at 11:30.  My ear is suppose to be back to normal.  It’s not that’s why we made the appointment.  The Doc said the surgery looked good but I should go see an ear doc for the internal ear.  Also he said he wanted to sleep in the upright postion to keep the swelling down.  this will be fun – not!    Anyhow…….

We got back to the rig to pick it up about noon.  They had our $100 deposit which they decided to keep $$$$ even though all the work was done under warranty.  I called Norcold and handed the service writer the phone.  I suggested to the operations manager, Brad Outcalt that look into their policy of charging people for warranty work – both before the work and after the work is completed.  If they have a problem getting paid that’s between the dealer and the manufacture and should not involve the customer like it did this time.  Two friggin hours later I had my $100 back and left.  Anyhow….

I got fuel at the QT gas station for $3.93.  It went up 2 cents overnight. It was tight and I just went slow and moved around things like cars.   Anyhow….

We got back to Ed & Sandy’s at North Ranch about 3:45 PM.  It was time for a going away party for Mark.  If Mark wasn’t there it would be a party for the sun coming up.  Anyhow…..

Too many to name.  If you know them, you know them.DSC_0001 DSC_0002

Then there was a separation of rank.  Women on one side.DSC_0003

And men on the other.  The men did get more space.DSC_0004

Then a joke was played on Mark.DSC_0005

He got an egg cracked on his egg.  That was funny.DSC_0006

Here’s Mark trying to show Razor and fireworks movies from our adventures at Lake Havasu.DSC_0007

He was successful but everybody went home earlier.  Not really.  We all watched and they were great.DSC_0008

I think I forgot to mention that the Beast got a BB style chip in the window Monday.  We got a rock from another RV going the opposite way near Congress.  No spider legs yet. 

Anyhow, it was just another RV day.

See ya…..