Monday, February 25, 2013

Full Moons

This morning I’m expecting the windshield chip guy to come and fix the Beast.  If he comes early enough we can go to the Escapees Chapter 32 luncheon at the Golden Coral in Surprise, AZ.

Today I would like to get 5 things off my To Do List.  Let’s see how it goes.  We seem to create a Long Term List and a Before We Leave List.  I guess it’s normal for Full Timers.  It is for us and it works.  I use the back of our old business cards.  Carol uses the back of scrap paper.  Aren’t we the green couple?

We’re starting to get the hitch itch syndrome.  Maybe it’s the chilly weather that brings it on.  The week at Lake Havasu didn’t really fix it at all.  Maybe it’s cabin fever.  What ever it is, it is here and I got it.

Well, I called the Mobile Chip Guy and he will be out in this area tomorrow.  He said he would come out tomorrow vice today.  Great.  I called Walt & Kellie Gunn.  They had room in their pick up for us all to go to the Escapees Chapter 32 luncheon in Surprise, AZ at the Golden Coral.

We got their about a half hour early (that’s Escapees time) and people were already ahead of us but not too bad.  The food was good but the conversations were even better.  Most of Chapter 32 people are residents of North Ranch but you don’t have to be.  they have two rallies a year and several luncheons.  It cost $5 a person a year.

The place was full as time went on.DSC_0002 DSC_0020

Little girls and candy.DSC_0003 DSC_0007 DSC_0010

Afterwards Ed, Walt & I went together and the girls went together shopping.  Us guys went to Harbor Freight and did our guy thing.  The girls did their shopping thing and we all met back at the ranch later.

I picked up the side by side Razor off our lot and brought it down to Ed’s.  I changed out the hitch on the back of the Jeep.  I went from a 5 inch drop to about a 2 inch drop.  I needed to get some weight off the hitch and move it to the front of the Jeep and off the trailer tongue.   The Jeep handles the loaded trailer a lot better.  I took it out for test run and mission accomplished.

I accomplished a couple of more things on my list so it was a productive day after all.

I tried getting a good shot of the moon.  DSC_0017 Opps wrong moon…

Try this one….DSC_0038

I need a tripod to make it a little more sharper.

See ya…….