Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Time Is On My Side…The Rolling Stones

February seems to be going slow.  That can be good and in different what ever that means.  I’m glad it has only 28 days.  That means March will come sooner and we will be back on the road sooner.  Time is on our side for sure.

Thursday theirs a Jeep run that Denny is leading.  Carol & I just might go as will as Walt/Kellie & Ed/Sandy.  Maybe Larry/Marilyn & Steve & Lila too.  Friday I got a Dr appointment about my ear.  The out come will determine what are immediate plans will be.  Our schedule happens to be flexible enough as not to disturb any or our main obligations/desires.  At least that’s what we think.  We got a plan B, C and even D if future Dr appointments are needed.  I think we are as prepared as much as possible.

This morning I called a Coast to Coast Park (Yuma Lakes) to ensure they can take a 43 footer.  The directory said no but I’m pretty sure we where in there last year.  They said, no problem.  We plan to be in the Yuma area 24 March thru 4 April.   We want to visit with some friends while in Yuma also.  Let us know if you are in the area.   From Yuma we head for Lodi for the W.A.R.E. rally.

We will be going down to Mexico for meds, dental, booze and vision. It’s like a Walmart with one stop shopping for old farts.  Also, we want to get the Beast washed and hand waxed for about $125. Yepper, about $125.  We have done it every year for years.  You can’t friggin beat it.

This morning is put the front “crash bar” back on the side by side ATV Razor.  Ed & I took it off last year so it could fit in the pick up truck. Now, no pick up truck and I seem to be crashing so it’s a good time for it to go back on. It was easy to put back on for some reason.  Plus Ed knew how to make it work with all his tools & experience he has. He retired from the Seabees. Give Ed a task and he will figure it out and make it work.  We got that done and decided to see how many guys we could get together for a run out in the desert.  Half hour later we had six ATV’s going out.DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0005

Ed, “Let’s go!”  Yes, he’s packing a gun and so did Walt.  That’s in case we see any wild big ants out on the trail.DSC_0006

We went out for about 25 miles.  Some new trails some old trails.  We went and did Round Top Mountain.  It’s a good place to break in newbie's.   It’s a relatively big hill that is a good long climb with rocks.  We got back about two and everybody went to the winds.  I think it was past lunch time.

That evening Carol had a line dancing dinner to go to.  I didn’t want to go.  Instead I just set around and watched TV.  You know there was NCIS (cops). Then NCIS LA (cops) and then a new show called Golden Boy (cops).  What’s with all the cops?  This new show Golden Boy I liked.  I had to be on my toes to keep up with it already.  Then I ended the evening watching the Big Bang Theory.  That’s a show that grew on me and Carol this year.

The ATV ride cost me a little.  My ear swelled up a little and I got a headache that hasn’t gone away.    Tomorrow (Wed) is my last chance probably and I’m not gonna chance it.   I can read the writing on the wall.  I think my ATVing is done for now.  Thursday is trails with the Jeep.  Friday is my Dr appointment.  Saturday is La Fiesta here at North Ranch.  The park celebrates becoming an independent park I think….Sunday we have planned to leave.  So…….

See ya…..