Friday, February 22, 2013

Lazy Day

I called GEICO insurance this morning.  I got approval for a mobile chip guy to fix the chip in the Beast’s windshield Monday.  No cost to me.  I like that no cost part.

This morning it was 29 degrees out.  Their is ice on our largest  slide out topper.  I was up on the roof checking out the roof seams to make sure they were doing alright.  Everything appears to be fine.

I fixed Carol’s wireless printer connection.  How? I don’t know.  I just deleted some old printers in her computer and pushed this and that key and it started working.  I usually don’t get that lucky with computers and have to call on a 5th grader.  I got a few brownie points for fixing it.  I only need 5 billion more.

I slept a lot to day.  It must be the meds for my ear infection making me a little drossy.  It was a very lazy day for me.

See ya……..