Sunday, February 3, 2013

Razor Looking Good/Super What?

Today was Razor day.  Get ur done!.  I wanted to put the big pretty wide wheels/tires back on and take off the stock wheels/tires. No problem except the Razor fell off the jack while changing the front.  I got my hand jammed in a bind a little.  Hey a little ice and goop on the hand and it hardly swelled.  Back to work.  By this time Ed helped me change the rears.  Again the jack fell but we didn’t get hurt this time.  We changed jacks, duuuuuh.

Old tires with the hood on them.DSC_0004

Looks a lot better and will be a little more stable with the wider stance.  Plus these tires are 8 ply which means less chance of a flat.  I need to put the oversize fender wells back on too.DSC_0002

Next was the broken sway bar replacement which went real smooth with Ed helping.  Here’s what caused the ATV to roll over.DSC_0001

The new one installed ready to go.DSC_0003

Although Denny & Susie washed it right after the accident, it still has sand, oil, antifreeze in unexpected places.  Sand even in the radiator.DSC_0005 DSC_0006

The inside needs cleaning out as does the chassis.  Another day for sure.  Ed has a power washer that will do the job probably.DSC_0007

Super Bowl Day. There’s a super bowl thing going up at the activity center but I don’t want to go.  I get around that many people talking and it sounds terrible in my bad ear.  It’s like shaking a box with marbles in it.  Just to much noise for me right now.  I really wanted to but just to much noise.  Anyhow my team can’t lose. I was hatched in Oakland thus San Francisco would be my team. I spent a big part of my life around Baltimore with Carol thus Baltimore Ravens. I like those odds.  Carol got into the game.  She was yelling and hollering at almost every play.  Oh, Carol doesn’t even know how to spell football but is learning quick.  Thus it was a loud game for me.  Our favorite team won.  As it turned out it was a damn good game.  Carol even thinks so….   Enough said…..

See ya….