Saturday, February 23, 2013

Grocery Day

We went to Jack In The Box for breakfast.  I like their breakfast and Carol is just OK with it.  Nothing fancy for sure.

Then I washed the Jeep at the self wash for a buck.  It needed a quick wash and it got it.  Now I have clean streaks.

Then it was off to the stores for grocery coupon day.  We had already gather the ads so we knew what we  wanted – sale items.  This is how we have always shopped.  We got some good sale items.  It’s an old story in that you have to know your item and what it costs normally.  We get had ever once in a while.

It was back to the Beast.  Carol did this and that and I watched NASCAR.  Pretty good race too.  To bad some fans got hurt from a big accident at the end.  Tomorrow is another race day.  The Daytona 500 is opening day for what I call the big boys.

I didn’t know it but Ed welded our trailer jack to our trailer during the race.  I guess he got by without my supervision.  I don’t know how though.  Thanks Ed!

We invited our landlords (Ed & Sandy) over for dinner.  Carol did a pot roast slow cooker style.  Sandy made an Apple Pie and Carol made an Angel Food Cake also.  It was all good.  They stayed over for about 3 hours and we BS about everything.  We talked about Alaska a lot.  It was all good.

Another great slow day……

See ya….