Friday, January 25, 2013

Gone – Us Too!

We went into early for Mickey D’s breakfast and some shopping.  Carol wanted to get her 75 cents garden gloves that she gets each year and we were successful.  We got back to camp about noon and low and behold we were abandoned.  Just about everybody had moved on.  Those few left were in the tent working.DSC_0001

We waited for Jean & Claudette because we were guarding their Arctic Cat ATV along with Mark.  They showed up and got all loaded.

We moved about a 1/2 mile south to the RV Driving School Annual Get Together.  Jean & Claudette followed us so we could talk about some ATVing later on when my Dr isn’t so strict or Nurse Crachet has transferred away.

Shortly after our arrival it started the expected sprinkle.  After Jean & Claudette left to return home in Joshua Tree, CA, we made our rounds seeing old friends.  It was really great to see them all again.  About five or so the expected rains came.  Not pouring down hard but enough not to go outside for more than a couple of minutes.  Anything longer and you are wet.  It rained through out the night.  A lot of the rain water was grey.  It’s not unusual for grey water tanks to have a little less water during these times of wetness.

I found a good picture of Don and Sharon from the other day.  It’s only fair I post a good picture of them ever so often.DSC_0001

Here’s a little tid bit.  The other night I left my Nikon ($2K) out on the table and didn’t realize it until way into the night.  I went out and got it of course.  The next morning I went out and my wallet was setting on my chair right out in the open.  Try that in the big city. 

Here’s more good news.  Our water in the toilet had been draining out of the bowl after each flush.  We tried all sorts of home remedies over the past few months and gave up on them.  This all was trying to avoid a rebuild.  Well, it has started working normally again.  I can really dig these kind of fixes of procrastinating.

Medical Update….My ear is looking good and I’m getting prettier each day.  I’m down to just a small bandage over the ear canal so as not to gross people out.  The outside stitches have all disappeared.  My hearing has not returned but I’m expecting it to any day.  I’m sure it will return to selective hearing at that point.  All swelling has disappeared and my jaw isn’t real sore anymore, just a little.

Future plans.  Several choices for sure.  We do have an appointment to finish up the frig repair in Phoenix this Wednesday at 8 AM.  Sunday we could stay put right here until Tuesday or very early Wednesday morning.  We could go to North Ranch (Congress, AZ) Sunday or Monday.  Maybe we could get an invite to stay on the Dale’s lot here in town.  They finally got their RV fixed and are here in Town on their lot.  They were broke down in Las Cruses, NM for almost a month.  I know they are glad to be gone from there.  When our frig is fixed Wednesday we will return to North Ranch and take up Ed’s & Sandy offer to stay on their lot assuming it’s still stands.  If not we will go to Plan B or C as soon as I figure them out.

I got to get the ATV Razor fixed and tags for it’s trailer before the week of the 14th (Feb).  That’s when several us will go to Lake Havasu for the Pryo Show,  boone docking and ATVing.  Emphasis will be on the ATVing! 

See ya…….