Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nurse Crachet/Frig Down Again/Cold

Another dead day because of the cold or nurse Crachet.  I;m not sure.  First she said I was spelling her name wrong.  I asked her if this was her blog.  “No”.  Well that settled that.  When she put her hair up in curlers I asked her to go to store and get some snacks.  She said, No.  So I drove and had a hoodie on my Alaska grey zip up to cover the massive head bandage. I got a bunch of snacks for the football games today.   When I got back I figured I would mess with the frig.  It blew another fuse Saturday night, no reason.  Well, I tried different things and the fuse kept blowing.  Oh well,  to the shop Monday.  Then it was time to wipe down the shiny wheels.  You that old nurse Crachet opened a window and started to moan and groan about me being out in the cold.  I think it hit 41 degrees for a high today. 

It’s mid afternoon and it was time for nurse Crachet to fill the fresh water and do the unhooking, except the electric of course.  This was an entertaining and a necessary learning for her.  Wait tell she tackles the 50 AMP cord in 20 degree weather.  It’s below 20 right now at 5 AM.

We will have to pull out in a few hours in this extreme cold weather.  We pulled two slides in last night.  The hyrdo hot is on electric and is heating up the engine over night.

We paid for our site.  Here you pay for your electric separate.  In this extreme cold we have averaged about $5 a day.  Now that’s with two little electric heaters going most of the time.  Heat pumps are worthless below 40 degrees.  The diesel hydro hot is very expensive to run extensively.  We run it in the morning to get toasty then turn it back off.

Tomorrow will be interesting.  I’m driving to an area that I’m not real familiar with, to a shop I’ve never been to and we aren’t sure where we are boone docking for the night.  Hey, what’s life without a little adventure.

I’m gonna guess the frig is on the blink due to the recall safety device or the circuit board.

See ya……