Sunday, January 27, 2013

Now What

I woke to a bloody ear.  To much outside weather without a bandage.  hopefully I will be able to hear soon.  Well, at least get selective hearing back.

We decided to stay another night (Sunday) out here.  Congress is about 10-15 degrees cooler, and Yuma is too far for a couple of days.  I guess it’s more of a process of elimination than choosing any place.  Later today we will choose where we will spend Monday night and so forth.

I did order (thru a dealer) the side by side ATV Razor part that caused my adventure of turning over.  It will be in the middle of next week or so. 

I also ordered a Kozy World Blue Flame 10,000 BTU LP heater via Amazon.  I was undecided between the 10 or 20K BTU.  Went with the 10K due to the size of the unit.  It was a factor but not the only one.  I think I have all the parts to hook it up to our frig LP line next week.  So I got two major projects to do at North Ranch and about two weeks to get them done before Lake Havasu.

The Jeep got a little dirty as did the Beast.  I did take my California Duster to the Beast.  That was mainly to get the dirt off that splashed up during the rain.  I’m thinking about taking the Beast to the Blue Beacon tuck wash.  It’s $35 for anything over 33 feet.

Carol & I went into to town so she could get a special coat she liked.  While in town we figured we would go over to La Mesa RV and check out their Winnebagos.   We’ve always liked them.  Well, typical salesmen.  The first one was more a less a greeter.  The second one thought he was a salesman.  I started asking him questions about Winnebagos.  He didn’t know any of the answers. He made some sly remark about that we didn’t really want to buy.  I told him I wasn’t buying anything from a person that doesn’t know anything.  Then I asked for him to get us a salesperson who knew the product and he did.  The next guy did know the product and knew it too much.  He told us things that I knew weren’t just true.  I told him this wasn’t our first rodeo and not to treat us as such but he wasn’t listening.  His mouth just kept moving which means he’s lying.  He left the paper work on the table with an obvious $10K mistake to our favor.  That’s one of the oldest tricks around.  Then he said something that our Dutch Star was probably one that had a low ceiling in it like must do and it would be hard to sell and not worth very much.  The guy was full of it so much we left just laughing at him.  I guess the good times our back for RV dealers.  When they treat customers like idiots I guess they don’t need good customers very bad, just ones with money and no RV buying sense.  Our adventure today at La Mesa RV was like dealing with vultures after a piece of meat.  We were seriously looking too!

We got back to the Beast and it started looking a lot better.

We sat out at the campfire at social hour.  Not everyone came out.  I guess it was a little too windy for them. 

Then we went to dinner with Sharon & Don at Q Town Restaurant.  I had fish & chips at least I tried to.  They were very very very greasy.  I had them before and they were great.  The waitress even said whoa!  Of course I asked myself why did she bring them out.  The second time was the same thing and again the waitress even remarked how greasy they were.  I ate the coleslaw.  The dinner was taken off my bill without me asking.  Everyone’s else's meal looked good.  Oh well, I guess it was my turn in the barrel as they say.  We got back to the rig and I munched on some of Steve’s number 7 pulled pork.  Since I was hungry I had to move my rating of it to an 8.

We watched some TV and it became bed time.

See ya.