Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Proof My Blog - nahhhhhh

Carol (with the cat) is thinking about proofing my blog before I send them out.  DSCN1686 No problem…I get up between 2 & 5 AM.  She declined.  Yesterday’s blog  - my choice of words were out of synch.  That’s me.  When I speak they come out OK most of the time.  I spell foenectically, what ever!

We WILL NOT be the Assistants for the Little Big Horn HOP July 6th, 2013 after the Escapade.  Things change and we had to back out.  Better now than later for sure.  I think it would have been a lot of fun.  Oh well, maybe another time down the road.  It wasn’t meant to be.  We WILL be the Assistant Coordinators for the Escapade as originally planned, yea…….

Tomorrow (Friday) we will be leaving here and heading for a one nighter in a Coast to Coast park in Ehrenberg, AZ.  This park here is full and we can’t stay any longer otherwise we would have stayed here another night.  Our final destination will be the Chapter 44 Rally in Usery Park near Mesa, AZ.  Come on out.  From there we go to the Yuma area for about 12 days I think.

I finally got my application off to Amazon.  Carol had no problem doing hers on line with my help.  Mine I couldn’t get it to go.  Amazon ended up sending me an old application to fill out and return.  That wasn’t easy either but I got er done.

It got over 90 degrees here yesterday and I broke out the shorts finally.  Them babies shrunk.  My T-shirts did too.  I’m to cheap to buy new clothes.  Someone is putting food in my mouth while I’m asleep.  I need and WILL drop 15-20 lbs (again) before July.   I will use the simple diet – don’t eat as much as often…duh.  I think I will sell that simple diet.

Time to go..

See ya….