Wednesday, March 27, 2013

RV Fire!

We started to go for a night walk but as soon as we went outside we saw two fire trucks with lights flashing and loud noises. A 5th wheel had caught fire and it was serious and out. Don’t know all the details. The owners were gone and passersby's saw it. They went and got fire extinguishers. The RV was burning where the electrical chord goes into the RV at the rear lower driver side. The compartment itself was gone and black smoke stain on the side of the RV was all the way to the roof. It was not a frig fire. The fire department was cleaning up and they had a powerful fan sucking the smoke out of the RV. The owners had arrived when all of this was going on. Nobody was hurt. I left the owner our site number and told them if they needed any help what so ever we would help them…just ask! They were thankful. They were vacationers from Idaho and the 36’ or so RV was pretty new. I will try to get pictures for tomorrow’s blog.

EARLIER that day.  Here’s a little dumping tip.  I use a clear connector to determine if my tanks are clean while dumping.  I also use a piece of cardboard under the clamp at the tightening screw so it doesn’t tear the hose.  DSC_0096

In hot sunny weather I put tennis balls under the wipers so they don’t touch the hot glass.  This slows down the process of them drying out.  And if you forget to take them off there go to about 60 MPH.  I usually replace the wipers about once a year.  I get them Wal-mart.  I just get the largest size they have which is usually 28 or 32 inches I think.  I’ve always done this.  I just can’t see paying a lot more for bigger ones at a RV dealer.  The smaller ones are just fine. DSC_0097

I had to use my darkest colored camera lens to take this picture because of the bright shine….smile DSC_0095


We got gas for the Jeep at Sam’s today.  $3.44 a gallon.  That’s the best in Yuma and can’t be beat anywhere here. 

Amazon called me last night at 8 PM.  They informed me of all their requirements/obligations to work for them.  The guy was a good reader.  I guess you have to with all of the information he had.  He stuttered when I said NO that I do not agree to work any shift they require me to.  Hey, I’m too experienced & truthful to agree to that.  It must have caught him off guard.  I told him what shift I was willing to work and he said he would make a note of that.  I will get an email within two weeks with more details.  He said that I would also get a call about my question as to when I would be notified about my shift agreement approval/question.  I don’t want to drive from Wyoming (July) to Nevada (Sept) to find out that I (& Carol) won’t be hired because of our refusal to work any shift.  That would get a personal appearance of me in their front office for sure.  I don’t think they would want me doing that.  Once I parked our RV in front of a CEO’s parking space to get the manufacture’s attention.  I got it and results were immediate and in my favor because I was 100% right.  That’s a campfire story.

See ay…..