Monday, March 11, 2013

Shake, Rattle & Roll

Well, back in January I rolled.  Today I shook and rattled after a 4.7 earthquake.  I first thought it was our washer/dryer shaking the RV. Then the TV news broke in with a special report and said that a earthquake happed in Anza about 30 miles away.  No injury or damage.  I filled my water tank and said OK.  I also wiped the roof off and cleaned the solar panels.  I’m ready……..

We got an another neighbor in.  I guess he’s washing his shirts.  Glad he had clean pants.  Again, no more comments.DSC_0001

I polished the wheels today.  I only cleaned them before.  Now they are shiny.

Carol continues to line dance sun up to sun down and then again in the evening.  I think if I threw some clothes on the floor, put some dirty dishes in the sink, I think I could leave for a few days and her not know it.

See ya……