Saturday, March 9, 2013

We’re Off Our Rockers (jack blocks)

I had to unhook everything this morning.  I didn’t do any prepping the day before like I usually do.  Of course we usually leave around 8 AM and the sun is shinning.  Not today.  It’s cloudy and the temp is in the low 40’s, no rush.  We sat this time for almost 3 weeks since our last move.  We are a little out of practice.  Plus Ed & Sandy made us so comfortable setting here on their lot.  We gave them money for electricity which is only fair.  We feel when we set at anybodies place for more than a couple of days that we should do this.

I have no idea Walt is thinking here the other night.   Nor does he!DSC_0012

Next year we might have the extra money to install electricity on our lot.  Not sure if we want to.   We might buy a small used Honda and run it in the shed and hook up from there.  Residents are not allowed to use generators in the park because of the noise.  With a small Honda in the vented shed it won’t be any noise.  Plus we can take the Honda with us.  True we have solar but it does get cloudy & cold here.  We will see…

Ed & Sandy insisted they take us out for breakfast this morning.  After breaking our arms we went.  It was a little cafe next to the theater in downtown Wickenburg.   Thanks guys, it was great. 

We pulled out of North Ranch about 11 AM for our 300 mile trip.  It was very clouded with rain clouds waiting for us to leave.  We changed our route a little bit to avoid those special clouds.  Someone forgot to let out the idiot drivers today.  It was a very pleasant drive.DSC_0005

Hey, everybody should have these things in their yards vice automatic shoulder weapons.DSC_0007 DSC_0009 DSC_0013 DSC_0015

Quartzsite has closed up compared to January.  La Mesa RV is gone and so is your money!DSC_0027

Silly Al’s is a favorite stop for RVers to include us.DSC_0028

The Pilot is always jammed full.DSC_0031

Empty empty empty…DSC_0032

We spent a night here two years ago due to a rear wheel bearing going bad.   Redlands RV Repair made it good since they installed it improperly the day before.DSC_0036 DSC_0044

Looking down into Indio/Palm Springs.  The temps got to 70 degrees. Yea……..DSC_0047

Welcome to California.DSC_0051

A lot of hot air here.  They were all working.  We had a head wind almost the entire trip. DSC_0053 DSC_0052

How often do you see diesel cheaper than gas?DSC_0057


We arrived about 5 PM or so.  This place of over 500 sites (TTN Wilderness) had 3 empty that we found.  Later we found out that our neighbor had two large dogs penned up in a heavy duty fence next to his RV.  They barked most of the evening.  We called security at 10:15 PM and complained about the continued barking.  The barking dogs disappeared 15 minutes later.  Here’s the kicker….the owners are work kampers here at the park.  If it continues tomorrow I will go see the manger.  We’ve met the manger before.  He will make it disappear probably.DSC_0061

Anyhow, earlier we went to our favorite carry out Chinese place to pick up diner.  All this for $6.29.  It was good!!!!DSC_0060

This reminds me it’s time to get rid of 15+ pounds that I gained in the last few months.…..tomorrow.

See ya…..