Friday, March 15, 2013

Traveling Again

We left about 9:30 AM which is a little late for us.  No special reason other than we had only about 175 miles to go.  It was a very nice drive.DSC_0001

Traffic was heavy before and even up on I-10.DSC_0002

The usual wind mills going into Palm Springs.DSC_0003

Traffic was heavy even after Palm Springs and all the way to Ehrenberg, AZ.  Of course doing 59 MPH in a 70 MPH zone - we were the traffic jam.  The speed limit for any vehicle towing is 55 MPH in California.  Since we are heading East our mileage is up.DSC_0006

We stopped in Banning at Wal-Mart and refurbished.  We also had a Subway early lunch.



We arrived at River Oasis Park in Ehrenberg, AZ.  Since it was a Coast to Coast we already paid the 10 bucks.  It cost another $3 for the 50 AMP.  Since it was in the mid 90s we were glad to have it available.DSC_0011

Nice big pull thru full hook ups.  We ran all three ACs for awhile.  Then only two and by night only one.  We sat out at sun down and enjoyed the nice temps and no wind.  DSC_0013 DSC_0014


Carol wanted to dip her toes in the Colorado River.DSC_0018


We saw this old fart watching us.DSC_0019

I think he’s petrified…it’s a dummy.  We thought it was Walt at first.DSC_0020

Tomorrow is another 175 miles to Usery Park which is East of Phoenix.  Along the way we plan to stop at a Love’s and get some front wheel balancers installed.  More on that tomorrow.  I will be a little below a half of tank but I’m gonna wait and not fill up until we leave Usery Park.  Fuel is coming down so why fill up when I don’t have to.  When I do fill up my mileage should be about 650 miles.  I might save enough by waiting to fuel up to pay for a breakfast at Cracker Barrel ($7).  That’s how I look at it.  Carol say’s OK!  We split the breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  They’re very big.

See ya…..