Thursday, March 21, 2013

How Big Is Your Organ?

First it was time for breakfast. DSC_0003

Then donut time.DSC_0002DSC_0028

Then it was Line Dancing time.DSC_0031

Then it was bird time.  I broke out the 500mm lens to get these shots.DSC_0022DSC_0010

I was informed by Sue Glick that this is a Gila Woodpecker.DSC_0013 DSC_0019 

Then it was time to climb a mountain.  This first shot was taken on a previous sunny day.DSC_0006

Here’s the same shot today with some overcast with the 500mm “whale” lens.DSC_0005


Then it was time to figure how things work…DSC_0035

Then it was lunch & Organ time.  One of the biggest organs in the world is right here in Mesa, AZ.  Sorry, I forgot my camera.  It’s in a pizza shop.  Yepper.  Folks, well worth the stop.  Check it out at

Back at the ranch it was time for Denny’s Birthday thing.DSC_0046 

Denny was having an equipment problem.  It fell short of a disaster. DSC_0052

He liked this present.  Now he has something to carry it in.DSC_0047

Then it was time for a Chapter 44 group picture.DSC_0036 DSC_0040

Then it was time for fireside cowboy stories at night.  Roger was the host and told some great cowboy poems.

Then it was bed time…

See ya….