Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cool….. That’s Cool

While here the temps aren’t  suppose to hit 70 at all.  In the low to mid 60s.  OK, that’s better than the 90s… I guess.  Away go the shorts.  Being a full time RVer we see a lot of temp changes and sometimes when traveling they can be pretty drastic.  Over the almost 13 years of full timing we have noticed a term a weather person uses a lot.  “This is unusual weather for this time of year.” We laughed when we hear it used now.

Here we are in our site…..Ravens set in that tree and when the wind blows their poo hits the RV.DSCN1722

This morning I washed the front of the rig to get the bugs all off.  Then I used the dust buster on the rest of the rig.DSCN1723 Bug guts eat paint and Diamond Shield & 3M protective film.  Now that spring has sprung the bugs are coming out in force.  This is normal.  Traveling in the cool months you can go for days with no bugs to clean off.  That’s pretty neat.

Now that we will be sitting for about a week I took our chairs out.  I then took the generator out of the Jeep that we just purchased and put it in the compartment in the chairs place.  No rain, no fuss, no generator in the Jeep.  It works out well.  I'll make space some day for the generator to stay underneath permanently. DSCN1726

Guess who is here in the park with us….DSCN1721

Art & Caroline Fennel.  We met up with them in the afternoon and spent a couple of hours with them.  Real nice people.  They too are on their way to Lodi.  They will be leaving Wednesday to head North.

During our early evening walk we came across this RV.  It has a slide out in the rear.DSCN1729

See ya…..