Sunday, March 10, 2013

Aggressive Breed Dogs and Camping

75 degrees and sunny today (Sunday).  I watched NASCAR racing was how I spent my afternoon.  Earlier I cleaned the windshield and the front end of bugs.  Then I put the windshield cover on because we face the afternoon sun.  DSC_0003-001Not hot today inside but it will be hitting 80 degrees outside real soon.  I also cleaned my wheels before NASCAR.

Here’s are our neighbors with their blue tarp and fenced cage.DSC_0002This is a Thousand Trails park.  We’ve been coming here since 2001 or so.  Times have changed evidently.  AND these owners work in the park.  I have so much to say.  You know what? It speaks for itself so why say anything.

I applied for my Pilot Fuel Charge card.  Ed Kruty has one and it saves him about 7 cents a gallon.  Hey, I use Flying J/Pilot a lot.

I brought my tire air pressure up to 34 lbs on the jeep tires.  They were about 30 lbs and was at 27 lbs.  That should not have set the Jeep’s tire sensor light on.  Anyhow, now I’m suppose to drive for about 15 minutes to reset the sensor.  These are not my Pressure Pro Tire Sensors.  The Jeep has it own system that's acting up.

Tomorrow I’m gonna ??????

See ya…