Monday, February 22, 2016

RV Repair Shop

I left Livingston before 5 AM in the little RV to go to the repair shop.  It’s legacy Ford which is 105 miles from me and it’s straight thru Houston.  I figured 5 AM I would beat the traffic.  WRONG.  I hit it big time about 6 AM.  Anyhow I got to the dealer about 7:30 AM and in the rain.  I’m the little RV.DSCN1130  I’m still having a right rear leaf spring problem with a major sag.  The Ford dealer is the closet dealer that can lift our little RV in the air to work on it according to Ford plus it could be still under warranty.  They checked it out and said that the entire suspension on the right side needed to be replaced.  I kind of thought that at least the leaf spring.  Here’s where it gets good.  ALL under Ford warranty.  They ordered the parts and it will be a few days before I have to return with the little RV.

I stopped at McDonalds about 9 M for breakfast to give the traffic time to let up and stop raining.  Back on the road…smack right into stop and go traffic in the rain for about 10 miles.  Then I said the hell with that and went thru downtown on the streets.  It wasn’t crowded at all.  The Rand McNally Road GPS was great.  I ended up only going 5 miles more and went around that other garbage on the interstates.  Done until they call me.

I got back and ate lunch while I was doing the wash, taking the garbage out and cleaning the kitty litter.  The dishes can wait.  Ain’t this laundry pretty?DSC_0002

By special request I can send you a picture of the kitty litter and garbage.

Here’s Thursday’s smoked pork….DSC_0003

I moved the little RV around in back of the big RV.  Plus I left three lights on to test the solar panels.  No sun Tuesday and a matter of fact it’s Tuesday as I write this and it’s raining pretty good.  If he sun comes out Wednesday, Mark is gonna do a quick test to see f the panels are charging correctly.  I will check first then Mark  to double check.

See ya…………..