Friday, February 5, 2016

Tomorrow Is Here

And we are atDSC_0047

near Yuma, AZ.   Why?  Because we can.  True, we left friends at North Ranch and we will always leave friends to return again for sure. 

On the way….. see the old mine…DSC_0007

How about now?DSC_0010

Carol said it’s a guy thing….DSC_0013

Quartzsite heading West.DSC_0015

Denny & Susie’s pole where they started the SKP get togethers years ago.DSC_0019

Good old Quartsite.  It’s pretty dead and vendors are pretty much gone.  It seems to still have a large number of RVers around.DSC_0022

This road could be right out of Alaska and their frost heaves.DSC_0029

My gun is bigger than yours…DSC_0031

Cabbage anyone…DSC_0033

Another gun but smaller.DSC_0035

Here’s where all those asses ended up…DSC_0037

Back track . . . Carol fixed me up with an appointment with a local Dr for my high blood pressure (150-170) Wednesday (3rd).  Yep, the doc confirmed it (duh) and gave me some additional pills (prescrib).  We decided it was time to return to Livingston, TX to get fixed by my Dr.  Plus, Carol said her foot isn’t up to take on the challenge of heavy line dancing.  Her big rally will be skipped (pun intended) this year unless…….foot better, little RV, head West in March ???????

We now decided to go to Mexico 1st to get my partial (teeth) ground down a little so it would fit better. 

While en route to Yuma we get a call from our carport people wanting to know if they could install our carport (Livingston) early like in next Friday (12th) or wait 6 weeks.  We ordered it in December before we left.  We told them we would be back next Thursday (11th) so they could do it.

Then I called Cummins (Goodyear – Phoenix)about our little engine light that stays on.  1st available appointment was Monday (8th) at 10 AM and we took it. 

I called Benjamin RV Wash in Yuma and he hooked us with a wash today ($37).  As it later turned out it was way to windy.  So, they will try again tomorrow morning (Friday).  They washed and hand waxed our rig and Ed & Sandy’s rig about this time last month ($99 each).

Speaking of getting things done.  I called the Mexican dentist and got an appoitment for this Saturday at 11 AM.

OK….. We will get back to Livingston Thursday (11th), carport installed Friday and another Dr. appointment Tuesday (16th) there for me.

In Yuma we pulled into the Flying J and diesel was $1.71.  Whoa…filler up.  Next was LP (RV) and we took on about 9 gallons at $2.15 a gallon.

As you can see we are on a roll.  The stars are in line and Karma is working on our side.  The only possible problem/hold up might be at the Cummins dealer checking out the engine.  I’m guessing it’s a computer glich or maybe a partially clogged injector.  We shall see.

Even though we are in a whirlwind we shall

See Ya….

NEWS UPDATE…We have a sick Escapee back in Livingston.  Gayle, Mark’s sister, isn’t doing too great.  She’s in the ICU of a Northern Texas hospital after being transfered out of the Livingston hospital.  Mark left North Ranch Thursday for Livingston immediately upon being notified.  According to Mark, they are still in the “we don’t know what’s wrong” stage.