Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On the Road Again - - YEA!!


The Indians are still out here.DSC_0006

The little towns are still out there trying to survive.DSC_0008

Oh what a gem it is and For Sale.  I wonder if $15.99 is the price to buy the park.DSC_0011

Oh yea…………..DSC_0013


The sign entering the city…..DSC_0016

The sign departing the city.DSC_0019

The cat don’t care who she rides with and the dog just don’t get any respect or much room.DSC_0021

Quartzsite in the distance and somebody’s taking a picture of me from the left.DSC_0023

This was the west side of Quartzsite – True Grit!DSC_0024

Coming off the hill into Palm Springs going west. Many of you have traveled this road and many of you will.DSC_0025

In my sight at Western Horizons Desert Pools under the AOR system for $9 bucks a night.  I opted for 50 AMP for $3 bucks more a night.  I want to continue my testing of the electrical systems. At night I want to run all three heat pumps and see what that’s like.DSC_0026

The trip from Congress, AZ to Desert Hot Springs was about 250 miles. I got fuel ($3.37) at the ZIP at I-10 Exit 45.  It’s the cheapest around for a 100 miles.  I still can’t get an accurate reading of my fuel mileage yet because of running the Hydro and generator at Quartzsite.  The trip was very, very windy today and it appears I wasn’t even getting 5 MPG after I filled up.  This RV has high rear gears which means it doesn’t do much coasting and RPM’s are about 150 higher than most other engines at the same speed.  It’s under powered with the 400 HP and they put higher gears in the rear it to make up for it.  Not the best of ideas.  It should have a 450 HP in it with lower rear gears and I would probably get better fuel mileage.  I’m gonna guess that this thing will get about 6.5 to 7 MPG because of the gearing and under powered.  That’s the way it is. I also need to crank another 20 lbs of air into each of my front tires according to the handy dandy weight chart. they need to get up around 115 –120 lbs. Love those 305/70/22.5  load range “L” tires.

I’m ready to hook up the 50 AMP at the sight. One problem I can’t get the 50 AMP chord all the way out of the automatic roller thing to plug into my 50 AMP pedestal.  It’s jammed inside of it.  It’s the shiny device on top of the round black tub. So, I took it apart.  I’m not afraid to take thinks apart – it’s getting it back together that becomes a problem.  Well, after one hour of taking it apart and back together it was operational. It appears that a carter key was left out and the pin fell out that aligned the chord.  I say that because the roll up device was another thing that went bad when the dealer plugged it into low voltage.  The dealer replaced it put didn’t put all the parts back into it thus it failed now.DSC_0027

Now the other day when I was moving/reorganizing I pulled some muscles in my back.  OK – getting old.  Now today twisting around to get into the right position to remove nuts/bolts I stretched my back muscles a little more.  So, I now get up slow and walk about 5 feet before I can stand straight up all the way.  Where are those pills!!!!!

See Ya…….

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