Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heat, Heat & More Heat – Three Of Them

And the blog will continue…..I’m back!

I got the Quartzsite Crude, major sore back and now to top all of this off, I just caught Cabin Fever.  It’s gonna over ride everything.  I’ve been here 11 days and most of it’s been inside due to &^%@*.  I’m getting out of here at least for a drive to the auto store and Taco Bell.

My rear tag is low on gear oil (one side) and the generator and engine are low on antifreeze.  All should have been corrected either at the RV dealer or Yuma Diesel when I took it for service.  Yo Yo’s.  Can you tell I’m feeling better already.  I’m back – almost. I 'ill fix them tomorrow.

This Dutch Star has the outside mirrors that hang from the top like tear drops.  I got my handy dandy fold up ladder out and adjusted those suckers.  I didn’t even come close to falling off.  I guess they’re wasn’t enough people watching. With those type of mirrors this thing is 10 feet wide.  That’s wide! That’s one reason I don’t like them.  I got to finish measuring the height of this baby too.  It’s tall. While en route to here I took a measurement on level ground to the rain gutter in the front & rear (130”) of this Dutch Star.  Now I got to measure from it to the top of my highest thing on the roof.  I think that would be the King Dome. I might be just under 13’.  Everyone should measure their RV height/width but very few do. Measure the height, width & length. Don’t add any safe numbers to them.  Put them on a 3X5 card and keep them around the driver area.  You might be one of those people who wished you had.

You know one good thing I have learned about being a geographical bachelor is that everything stays where I left it. One bad thing I have learned is that everything stays where I left it. Is this an oxymoron or what? Is that a 50 cent word or a buck?

OK – a mobile guy came out today to update our Norcold frig.  I called it in last week.  The update was free and he charged me $60 for a service call.  Since I wasn’t in the best of condition I figured it was a good deal and it was.  This guy is good.  I watched him off and on and could tell by what he was doing that he was good and he only worked one way – the right way.  No short cuts and very tidy about his work.  I talked with him afterwards about different rigs, etc. I will call this guy when I’m around here for sure.  Take Note: Independence RV 951 244-1733 his name is Pete and is partner is Jeff. Their out of Menifee, CA.  They’re RVIA Master Certified and do ALL warranty work on a lot of “stuff”. This one is a keeper.

Hey it’s been in the low 30s at night and in the 50s in daytime, not good at all.  Now for something I discovered last night.  I accidently left the furnace switch on but had turned off the Hydro hot heat system.  Thus no heat via the Hydro System.  Well, I had the electric hot water on because I was doing the wash earlier.  I heard the baseboard heat come on even as silent as it is.  I checked and the Hyrdo hot switch was off. Well, this Dutch Star has electric baseboard heating too. This means it has three heating systems, heat pumps (3), Hydro hot heat (front & rear) and electric base heat (front & rear).  The difference between the Hyrdo Hot Heat System and the electric system is the fuel used. One uses diesel (Hyrdo) and the other is electric otherwise the same.  Cool! I mean HOT DOG! It works below 40 degrees. 

Carol told me where the heating pad was at so I could use it for my back.  I was using it until I got up out of my seat.  Isn’t this one happy looking cat?DSC_0001

She finally left and the other jumped up.DSC_0002

I’m back and such is life……..

See ya…………..

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