Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thai Food

Went to base and got my porterhouse steaks, Captain Morgan, some Jalapeno Cheese Bread along with some garlic roast beef from the deli.  When I got back to the rig I did some outside packing. I had to man handle a LP tank and managed to hurt my back more.   I’m learning I’m getting old the old fashion way – the hard way. So I basted my hurts by tasting the fruits of my earlier shopping.

Bill & Diane are in the site across from me and we all decided to go out for dinner. Notice the orange shirts!DSC_0004

They have been here before so there were no surprises.DSC_0011

I had this squid something or another. I liked it.  The squid was firm but not chewy.  I will come back to this place in a couple of weeks with Carol. They have crab cakes.DSC_0008

It looked like these things kept wanting to come out of Bill’s mouth.DSC_0009

And more…..DSC_0010 

Now look what's next door.DSC_0012

Then on the other side was this glass shop.DSC_0013

Really special glass.DSC_0014

O….K…….. now what do I say?

Later that evening while sipping on my last glass of expired milk my stomach started to speak to me. It all came to an end – literally. I deposited about 3-4 lbs in my nice clean black water tank.  At least I feel like I lost that much.  I didn’t have time to weigh it or to take a picture.  Smmmmmmmmmmmmmile…..

See Ya……..

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