Friday, February 25, 2011

Just Another Great Day

I miss my Honey (Carol).  I got to start working on my brownie points.

I pulled out from TTN Wilderness and was on the road about 7:30 AM with a light drizzle.  Before I left I called 1 800 ALL IDIOTS and told them I was on the road and they were to stay away from me.  Not one idiot in 230 miles to Yuma.  That’s rare.  The drive was very nice even though my back was a hurtin a little bit. The Dutch Star handled the hill from Hemet over to Banning very well, I was impressed.  The temp gauge hardly moved.  I stopped once to check the possible oil seal leak in the tag axle.   It’s leaking just a little bit behind a lug nut and that’s it.  Nothing else behind or in front of the wheel/tires. Strange…

I arrived at the Yuma Lakes RV Park just a little tired and that was due to my back. During check in they asked if I need to have a sight that could get satellite reception.  I said yes.  I don’t ever recall being asked that.  I usually have to ask. I let them know that I had a 43 footer and not the 40 footer anymore since making the reservation.  The RPI book says they don’t allow over 40 foot but I called ahead of time and they said come on down and you know how that usually goes.  Anyhow I was escorted to my site, right between two trees.  I told the guy it wasn’t gonna work.  He said it should since I stick out so much.  To please everybody I parked it in.  Low and behold no satellite.  I called the office and again they were very polite and friendly and they said pick a site.  I picked one right across and backed that baby right in.  I was a little nervous backing in the first site because the trees were pretty close but I just backed it in S L O W. Anyhow, the new site is fine and all is well. You have to remember that I don’t back into sites – Carol does all the backing but since I went S L O W I had no problems. The tree is on the north side.DSC_0001

I drew a crowd while I was hooking up because the rig looked so new and having temp tags.  I told my story several times about being new but being a 2007 and being the first owner, etc.  I also broke out my two extra  water filters so I have three filters.  This is Yuma. After all that I had my first meal for the day which was a roast beef sandwich and it was now after 4 or so. A little while later I went over to Jerry Ray’s place.  He’s our Senior Instructor for the RV Driving School.  I had our mail forwarded to him.  We shot the poo then I went over to see the Hicks & Pinners.  Since the Pinners knew I was arriving today they figured I would be over so they were gone.  Talked with TS and Harrell and then went back to the rig.  I snacked my way to bed time and ended a very good day.

See ya…………

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