Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Inquiring Mind (and it wanders a lot too!)Wants To Know Why…..

My thoughts this morning is why do people with diesels let their engine run when it is totally not necessary?  Like when detaching their tow behind.  Why do people stop in the middle of the road to detach/attach their tow behind? Why do people go the wrong way in their RV in a park that is well marked? Why do people speed carelessly in a RV/auto in a park? Why do people let their diesels “warm up”.  If they got the air bags full and not ready to pull out – turn the friggin thing off.  If they got oil pressure (instantly) they can GO! They are wasting my fuel and stinking up the air.  You know, you just can’t fix stupid but maybe we can fix them being inconsiderate. How? It’s very simple.   Let them know “tactfully” when they do something wrong. Invite them over for drink. If you don’t tell them, they will think it’s OK. If you don’t, then maybe you are part of the problem….ooops that might get an eyebrow or two.  What got me going was the TV Show “What Would You Do?”.  If nobody does anything, then it becomes acceptable. So much for the Soap Box………….

I had my red taters, mushrooms, onions & peppers for breakfast.

I added the antifreeze in the generator (a lot) and the engine (a little) and the gear oil in the rear tag axle.  Wow, it may be time to call it a day and so early – 9AM.

We got 7 confirmed rigs going to Alaska.  ahhh rrrrah!

Later this afternoon Bill & Diane came into TTN Wilderness for a short stay.  We talked for several hours and caught each other up with the good & bad.  They tried to get me to go out and eat some normal food and I declined.  I don’t want my bachelor stomach to return to normal food to quick.  Tomorrow we will go out for dinner.

Also tomorrow is get ready for Friday's departure to include going to base and getting some MEAT.

So….See ya………

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