Thursday, October 16, 2014

Butt, Butt, Butt, butt

Speaking of butt……DSC_0018

Today I was really sore especially my hips from moving those friggin bricks.  I’m glad we got it done in one day because I’m not moving up and down real good today, blah blah, blah.

We were busy today getting ready for our cook out for the Boot Camp Staff tomorrow evening.  We got our chairs out and made sure we had enough.  Carol did some sweeping and plant rearranging.  It’s suppose to be near 90 degrees and sunny and the humidity is going up.  We got plenty of shade.

I rubbed some butt early and it sat for about 6 hours before going into the smoker about 4 PM.  I smoked it for 6 hours with hickory.  The smoker temp is set at 230 degrees and now it’s a waiting game.  I spray the butt every 1-2 hours with apple juice.  It helps to tenderize the butt.  At 5:30 AM (Friday) the internal temp was at 165 degrees.  I will let the internal temp get up beyond 180 degrees.  That will take another 4-6 hours.  More on that tomorrow.

I ordered a K&N air filter for the Hog from Advance Auto.  It was $15 cheaper than O’Relly Auto store.  The bike has a K&N filter on it now but it looks pretty rough and it’s dated 2002.  Twelve years is long enough for any filter.  It’s supposed to be in tomorrow (Friday).

I got to see Jim & Lisa Kocca today along with their new motorhome.  It’s a transformer.  Nah, it just looks like that in the front.  It’s a 2013 Holiday Rambler Ambassador 40 footer.  It looks pretty nice.  Good luck with it guys.  Then Mark & Dortha Hall pulled in with their Farton (Phaeton) motorhome.  Hey, the gang’s gathering.  Damn…where’s Denny/Susie, Ed/Sandy, Sharon/Don, and a lot of others that I can’t put all their names here.  I guess that will have to wait till next year.

I’ve really neglected the Baby (RV).  It’s wheels are dull and dirty, the sides are dirty especially from the rain and splashing upward,  the compartments are a mess and need reorganizing.  The front is clean…had to get those bugs off.…..oh well…maybe next week I will work on it when I can move better.  Now where’s that Ibuprofen…….

See ya………….