Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Carol’s Dr & An Old Harley Davidson

We came back early to Livingston so Carol could see a dr.  She saw the dr on Monday morning who ordered some tests “stat”.  Medical talk for NOW.  Monday afternoon was one test.  Tuesday was another.  Wednesday was a day off and she needed it.  So far the techs giving the tests have said no major problems.  Just old age stuff.  One more test today (Thur) and then Friday back to the doc to give her a summary of the tests.  She is on some antibiotic stuff for a minor internal infection.  All is OK…

Now for the fun stuff.  In the middle of all this (Tue) we went up to Rusk, Texas to see Cindy (Paul’s widow) and pick up Paul’s Harley Davidson.  It’s a 1985 FL which basically means a big bike.  It wouldn’t start, dead battery, and a flat tire.  The trailer we were going to carry it in that came with the bike wasn’t a bike trailer just a small utility trailer.  Cindy called on two BIG friends to help us upload the bike at an angle.  It looked liked the three stooges loading this bike in a little trailer.  The wiring on the trailer had been chewed on a little by a dog.  I fixed that.  We’re off with a 100 miles to go.  We got back to Livingston about 8 PM and no problems.  The next day (Wed) Carol & I unloaded it.  This time we looked like two midget stooges trying to get this thing off the trailer.  Here it is before unloading.DSC_0008 These pictures do it a lot of justice, too much.  It looks pretty from a distance but up close it shows it age like we all do. DSC_0010

We had it tagged as an antique motorcycle.  We even tagged the trailer while we were in Rusk.  Cindy was a lot of help doing that.DSC_0009

The battery was dead and would not hold a charge.  Ran down to Walmart and bought a battery.  Then I had to charge it for 6 hours.  That was rough waiting that long.  Installed the battery and it started on the second try.  Went for a short ride.  It rode very nice like most heavy bikes do.  It has air ride front and air rear suspension.  I got it up to about 65 mph and it handled a lot better than I expected for a 30 year old bike.  Very nice!  Noisy – nope.  It has a low tone with the fish tail pipes.  It’s not a real loud Harley.  I took it on a small back bumpy road and it did real good.  Got back and took an after ride look.  It has some major rocker box oil leaks and a few other leaks.  I guess I carry oil with me for now.  The main lights work like the brake and headlight.  Turns signals and fog lights need to be checked out.  I’m happy.  Tomorrow another ride and a little longer.  I’m thinking white wall tires too.  It’s that type of bike.

See ya……