Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Day 52

We let the little heater run on low last night so it was OK when we all got up which was 0830.  We agreed that  0900 we would meet Mark and go out for breakfast.  We hit the Jeep door at 0900 and Mark was walking over.  We drove around the extra small town until we found a dinner that had more than four parked trucks in front.  We did and it was great food.

We had lunch at the camper.  It was left overs from our dinner last night at the Chinese place….Ummmmmm good even for left overs.

Oh.  Yesterday when we got here we took the cat to the local vet.  He said he needed to keep here over night and check her out.  Today about 4 PM we will go to the vet and hopefully pick up the cat at that tine.

4 PM at the vet’s.DSC_0003

This king rules the vet’s office.  He’s on the counter.DSC_0007DSC_0005DSC_0009

The cat is fine….just a little dehydrated before.DSC_0014That night we all played Sorry.   I was the grand pow paw champion – two games.DSC_0016

Retirement is slowing down for the little things.