Thursday, September 6, 2018

32 days

Damn, it’s cool and real breezy here this AM.  This is at PA Ute Casino Campground near Cortez, CO.  I used the campground shower this AM  and it was niceeeeee.  Then Kraig and then Carol.  We’re in no hurry.  We decided to stay in Cortez at a PA park, La Mesa RV Park tonight.  It’s like staying at a KOA, Keep On Adding (KOA) at this park.  I’ve been there before.

We might have to do some thrift shopping.  We didn’t bring any warm clothes.  It’s going to get cold.  In the 60’s (high) maybe.  Hopefully not wet or we are gone again……

20 miles later we are in La Mesa RV Campground in Cortez, CO.  It’s a PA and was $25 for E and 3rd adult. $1 this and $1 that like a KOA (Keep On Adding).DSC_0004

We went 2d hand shop shopping for some good  warm clothes.  We ended up at the Salvation Army.  We got a bag full of clothes for $11.  That included these goggles for dirt four wheeling.  Kraig talks about going in a few days seems like all the time. That and PlayStation 3.  Why not ?  We shall see.DSC_0001-001

We then went to Taco Bell for lunch.  Whoopie.

I couldn’t make my mind up which cover to use on the Jeep’s third brake light.  The Jeep grill or the USA.  I decided to put them both on since I couldn’t make my mind up.DSC_0003-001

Here’s a signal about something.  There’s a Super Walmart within three blocks and we’re NOT GOING…… Why? Yea, right.  Think about it and you will really get it, maybe.

Retirement is doing more little things you like.