Saturday, September 15, 2018

Day 41

The hot water tank (LP) is cooking hot at 8 AM.  Kraig went to do the shower at the park while I use the camper shower.

When Kraig came back he started to cook outside. DSC_0001DSC_0007

We then blew a circuit cooking .  After checking the GFIs, the plug in power stand outside, then the circuit board inside.  It was a circuit board inside and just a matter of resetting the breaker switch.  We had a small coffee pot on the same circuit as the outside hot plate (induction). Kraig is using the hot plate outside to do the eggs and the grill for the bacon and sausage.  DSC_0002All on a 15 amp circuit so that’s why the circuit blew.  Oh, our little electric heater was on and on the same circuit also.  duuuuuuu.

After lunch we (Lou, Carol, Kraig + me) walked to the local thrift store.  Me and Kraig got long sleeve shirts.  Lou and Carol bought movies or something.

Mark was down in the area getting LP.   Hey, small town people know shit.  Lou told me.

I’m typing parts of this blog now at 2:30 PM.  It’s 73 degrees in the shade.  It’s 82 degrees in the camper.  What the hell am I’m typing for now.  Finish later, I’m gone…….


Lou came over after dinner and we talked a lot.  Bottom line he says he’s coming to Livingston after California about the end of October.  He’s gonna visit Mark & Sky and Mark’s place.

It was a quiet night again and we even had the little electric heater going.

Retirement is enjoyment more.