Sunday, September 23, 2018

Day 49

I got up and turned on the TV.  Yep, we got all the TV national channels.  Just no guide.  That was a little different for us.  I watched the CBS News Sunday.  That was cool.  Speaking of cool it’s 65 degrees in and out.

Believe this?  She normally says she’s on vacation .DSC_0002

For lunch we went to Mimi’s Café.  We had a large coupon thanks to Mary Dennis from the Baltimore, MD area.  She couldn’t use it.  It was among the best lunch we (3) ever had.

On the way back we did some shopping for a BBQ gas portable grill.  We ended up at Lowe’s after Home Depot and Walmart.  Kraig agreed to put it together when we got back to the camper.

Here’s the put together person.  He even read the instructions when he got stuck.DSC_0004

Damn, it don’t have a drip tray.  If you camp and cook out a lot you know it’s a lot easier to clean with a drip tray.  Yes, it went back.  Oh, I threw our other one away when I tried to wash it at a car wash.  It didn’t work and I got grease on one side of the Jeep.  No, it wouldn’t wash off.

Then we went back to our original Walmart and got a Weber 1200 with a drip tray and it was basically together.DSC_0006

It got up to 85 degrees today with a light breeze.  That was nice.

Then there is this guy who parked next to us and not in his site. He has a large space in front of his rig and even a parking space behind.  We had a few words exchange about it.  He will be turned in Monday to the host and they can deal with the inconsiderate idiot. DSC_0007

Carol and I walked around the park.  Then Carol saw it.  A 2004 Patriot Thunder (505 HP)three slides.  We tajlked to the owners and they just started Full Timing a month ago.  They got a surprise when we said we just finished over 18 years of Full Timing.  Great to talk to fellow RVers.

Well, the cat is doing better and so am I.  Tomorrow we will go to the vet (for the cat).  The vet will determine if we leave or stay.

Retirement is just keep on going.