Saturday, September 22, 2018

Day 48

Last night I got a little sick but A OK this morning.  The cat continues to be sick in the morning.  NO we are not suffering from the same thing even though it appears the same.  The vet isn’t open till Monday.  I guess we are staying a little longer to find out what’s wrong with the cat not me.

Tried to clean the portable gas grill at the car wash.  That don’t work.  Had grease on one side of the Jeep.  Anyhow, I threw the grill in the dumpster and washed the Jeep.  Nope the grease didn’t come off the Jeep.  That means had wash the Jeep tomorrow, maybe.

Not much happened during the day.  We got a pop up with several kids on one side of us.  The other side is a tenter that is only there to sleep.  He stays out very late.  You know like a youngin.

Retirement is getting old……er.